Born and raised in Turin (Italy), I am passionate about the art and entertainment world since I was a child.

During my studies In computer science I met computer graphics and I decided to turn my passion into a job.
After my diploma and a little self-taught apprenticeship, I officially start attending CGI courses.

After specializing in 3D Concept Art for videogame and film productions, in 2014 I open the independent video game studio Brain in the Box together with a group of talented guys, as Lead Artist.

From October 2017 I joined the Milestone team in Milan, the most important Italian videogame company and world leader in the motorcycle racing genre, as a Lighting/VFX Artist and Assistant Art Director.

From February 2019 I decide to focus exclusively on what I love most, that is on the design of creatures and characters, officially becoming Freelance Creature and Character Artist and working with numerous important film and video game production studios around the world.