Born in Turin, Italy, I am an artist and designer with a special passion for creating characters and, especially, creatures. Since I was a child, I have cultivated a love for art and entertainment, and the discovery of the world of computer graphics, combined with my studies in computer science and explorations in speculative biology, has further fueled this passion.

In addition to my specialization in creature and character design, I have been fortunate to explore various aspects of digital art and take on diverse roles. These experiences have allowed me to broaden my artistic vision and refine my skills in the broader context of video game and film production.

Beyond artistic creations, I consider myself a storyteller through visuals, aiming to convey emotions and narratives through art. I always strive to infuse my creatures and characters with life, so they can evoke an authentic response from the audience.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with several film and TV production studios, particularly with Aaron Sims Creative, where I had the opportunity to work on numerous productions and films. Additionally, I had the honor of contributing to creature design for the Amazon Prime Video original series "The Gryphon".

I also work in the video games industry, over the years I have collaborated with various studios, including PUBG, Stormind, One0One Games, and many others. These collaborations have allowed me to showcase my creativity and artistic skills in exciting and inspiring projects.

Looking to the future, I am eager to continue exploring the world of digital art, carrying with me the enthusiasm and dedication that guide me on this never-ending artistic journey.